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help, crazy rapists [05 Oct 2015|03:01pm]

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New album from SubGenii! Tweezer [03 Mar 2012|08:35pm]


By norel pref, with help from just john (me) and samples from that "Columbo" episode that had Leonard Nimoy in it!

For "Breaking Bad" fans, there's "Gus Fring Ain't Dead," featuring my lyrics and vocals.


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Puzzling Evidence [22 Oct 2011|01:35pm]

A student sent me a research article she wanted some advice on.  As I was reading the article I came to the copyright page.  

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Everything you know is "Wrong" (part 124) [03 Sep 2011|11:33am]


Just watch this:

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Where have you gone, Modemac?? [18 Jun 2011|05:43pm]

We need our High Weirdness!!
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Hippie Witch [19 Sep 2010|12:10pm]


  So I was asked to contribute to this community.  I'm not sure I fit in here, but then I'm not sure I fit in anywhere.  Nevertheless here is a story I usually get a lot of strong reactions to;

I believe we are all taught to think in a box. We never really have
serious thoughts that are out of the box. Really thinking that vampires
exist is thinking out of the box. A hippie witch is always having out of
the box thoughts. If a hippie witch decided to prove that vampires exist,
this is what would happen.
First off she would become single minded with the purpose to prove at
least to herself that vampires exist. As she gets consumed by this
thought the people in her life who only have in the box thoughts start to
fade from her awareness. If she is at school her grades will suffer until
she has to leave school. At home her parents will try to get her
psychological help and maybe some kind of drug to get her mind thinking
back in the box. But nothing seems to stop her single minded purpose.
She has to leave home and finds a job at Mickey D's flipping hamburgers
and still gets rejected by the in the box thinking people around her.
Then she finds herself on the side of the road some rainy night wondering
why she is feeling so much pain when a car stops and the driver asks her
if she wants a ride. She says no because there's no place to go, all the
places are the same.
"Then come for a ride and dry off a little," replies the driver, who is
very handsome and seems to have the obvious intention on his mind. But at
this point it doesn't matter to the hippie witch and she gets in the car.
They go to his apartment and she gets out of her wet cloths and is
wearing only his bathrobe when they start to make love.
Then suddenly he is biting into her neck and drawing blood out of her
body. As he drains more and more blood out of her, the angel of death
starts to appear in her minds' eye and the pain of being alive starts to
fade as the angel of death comes to take her away.
Meanwhile back in the mind of the vampire, he too sees the angel of death
but to him she is not beautiful. He starts to feel all the fear and pain
he's inflicted on others in his life as a vampire and is not ready to
embrace her at this moment and so stops his feeding and rolls off of
hippie witch in an attempt to stop his mental torment.
Hippie witch now realizes that the angel of death is going to leave
without her and maybe getting laid, even with a vampire, may not be such
a bad idea after all. Maybe he could learn to see her as a lover rather
than somebody to feed off of. It seems like the same problem she's always
had with men who weren't even vampires.

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For those of you who do Google Groups [13 Apr 2010|07:30pm]

The Monohedral Cathedral now has a Google Groups outpost.

Technically, everybody in the world and beyond is already a member. (We're more advanced than the Mormons; we don't even wait for you to die to declare you one of us.) However, Google Groups doesn't know this, so there's an application process for group membership.
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His Inadvertent Neologism [05 Dec 2009|01:55pm]

It probably won't surprise you to hear that my opinion of Glenn Beck is pretty low. It's not that he isn't an effective performer, it's the way his performance is used and associated with "news."

So it was schadenfreude all around when I heard his show The Christmas Sweater has not been doing well.

A few minutes ago, it hit me: What if that title doesn't refer to an item of clothing? I went and checked, and evidently it does.

But the seed had been planted: The title could be about somebody suffering from Christmas Sweat. What a perfect term for what the holiday has become! We're to the point where the retailers are in such desperation, they name the "shopping day" after Thanksgiving with a term that had previously been reserved for disasters.

Christmas Sweat: We're soaking in it!
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Bob UN-spotted... [18 Oct 2009|09:49pm]

High Performance magazine #25. Seller was kind enough to use photobucket on a popular auction site. Behold, "Bob" before the assassin bullets rendered his visage an aura of dots:

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Please discuss: theological implications? [02 Sep 2009|05:27pm]


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23 hour towing. What's Bob doing that other hour? [27 Aug 2009|05:38pm]


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Show offs. [09 Jul 2009|03:59pm]

Rael: 'Michael Jackson, a Raelian Honorary Guide, Has Probably Been Cloned by Now'

LOS ANGELES, July 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following was released today by the United States Raelian Movement:

Like fans worldwide, Raelians have mourned the death of Michael Jackson, who in 1992 was one of the first individuals to be named Raelian Honorary Guide for his actions promoting world peace.

Rael, spiritual leader of the Raelian Movement, has expressed condolences to the Jackson family, whom he met last December in Las Vegas. The occasion was a special event celebrating the 35th anniversary of the creation of the Raelian Movement.

"Considering all the good things Michael did on Earth for peace and love, I'm sure he is alive today on the Elohim's Eternal-Life Planet," Rael said in a statement released today.

His comment referenced important tenets of the Raelian philosophy, which claims that all life forms on Earth were created by the Elohim, highly advanced human scientists from another planet who were mistaken for Gods by our ancestors and who have the capacity to recreate individuals, complete with their full identity, thanks to their advanced cloning technology. In addition, Rael's statement implies that Michael Jackson is among the few humans from Earth to be so cloned, and will return to Earth with the Elohim "when humanity has finally decided to welcome them back."

Recent news reports have stated that Raelians (here on Earth) have cloned Michael Jackson. But Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, head of the company Clonaid and spokesperson of the Raelian Movement, said, "Clonaid is a private company and the Raelian Movement has nothing to do with the cloning business. The Raelian Movement is a philosophical movement whose mission is to demystify god and inform humanity about our true extraterrestrial origin."

Boisselier added that although many celebrities have joined the Raelian Movement, the Movement's policy is to respect their desire to keep this information confidential if they don't want to be known publicly as Raelians.

The title of Honorary Guide as given to Michael Jackson is a different matter, she explained.

"The title of Honorary Guide is bestowed by Rael himself to a few individuals who have accomplished extraordinary actions and who deserve to be recognized for the way they put the welfare of humanity before their own personal fate," she explained. "Michael Jackson was recognized as such by Rael and Raelians have been proud to welcome him as Honorary Guide for the past 17 years."

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Outcast because we NEVER masturbate, no sir... [24 Feb 2009|09:11am]

When I gazed upon the profane visage of "Bob" for what I thought was the first time, it seemed disturbingly familiar, as if it had been watching me all my life. Now Wikipedia claims that a Dobbshead was displayed in every episode of Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

Is this true? Was anyone ever conscious of its presence?
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SubGenius UFO Cult Announces Apocalypse In July 2009 [31 Jan 2009|10:06am]

Originally posted by Rev Modemac in highweirdness


Contact: The SubGenius Foundation, Inc. 1-216-320-9528
Fax: (216) 320-9528

CLEVELAND, Ohio, January 2, 2009: The Church of the SubGenius has announced that the end of the world will take place on Sunday, July 5, 2009. In preparation for the fulfillment of this doomsday prophecy, the Church is requesting that all of its members participate in a bizarre religious ceremony taking place in upstate New York, during the final weekend before the arrival of the apocalypse.

Since its inception in 1953, Church founder J.R. "Bob" Dobbs has predicted that a fleet of flying saucers will arrive at the beginning of July to destroy the worldwide Conspiracy against the Church of the SubGenius, while all ordained SubGenius ministers will be rescued by escape vessels piloted by the Alien Sex Goddesses, also known as the Xists.

The Church is inviting all of its members worldwide to gather together for the final hours in Sherman, New York from Wednesday, July 1 to Sunday, July 5, at a clothing-optional outdoor campground called Brushwood Folklore Center. The first gathering at this compound took place in 1996, and the event has increased in size and participants each following year. 1998 was designated the first true "X-Day," and each successive year has added one to the total. This year's celebration in 2009 is X-Day 12, or X-Day XII.

The Church has been engaged in a massive recruitment campaign to increase the numbers of its membership before the arrival of the Xists. According to Church records, the organization currently has approximately 100,000 members worldwide. SubGenius recruitment has been especially dedicated among the ranks of people who refuse to conform to the norms of society, including disbelievers, blasphemers, pranksters, rebels, hackers, pornographers, geeks, and outcasts.

The Church is seeking underground bands, indie rockers, performance artists, and performers and producers from the adult entertainment industry, because sexual freedom has been an important part of Church doctrine from the start. X-Day will be a celebration of free expression, performance art, rock and roll, pornography, and adult entertainment; and certain parts of the event will be restricted to adults only. Only ordained ministers of the Church of the SubGenius are allowed at the event, but the Church is accepting memberships at its standard rate of $30 up until the final hours of July 4.

The Church of the SubGenius has been no stranger to controversy since its foundation, and the upcoming X-Day celebration promises to be no different. In the late 1980s, members of the Church were accused of spreading a virus in Macintosh computers known as the "Peace Virus." Numerous articles have been written on the Church in such noteworthy publications as the New York Times, Washington Post, Wired Online, Boston Globe, U.S. News and World Report; and broadcast reports have been produced by CNN and NPR. In April 1999, officials of the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts shut down an official SubGenius Devival gathering in the belief that the Church was affiliated with the Trenchcoat Mafia (the organization blamed for the Columbine high school shootings), though authorities later realized the association was mistaken. In its January 1, 2000 issue, a Time magazine poll declared J.R. "Bob" Dobbs the biggest fraud of the 20th century.

The Church received additional media attention in 2006 when one of its high-ranking members, known in SubGenius circles as Reverend Mary Magdalen, became involved in a legal battle for custody of her son due to her membership in the Church. This case has been covered in such popular online sites as Boing Boing, Fark, and Wikinews (Wikipedia's news reporting service).

In 2008, the notorious hacker collective known as "Anonymous" took up the cause of the Church of the SubGenius, and many of the alleged "hackers on steroids" were among the attendees at its Brushwood festival. In an astounding case of the pot calling the kettle black, representatives of the Church of Scientology have accused the Church of the SubGenius of being "a dangerous UFO cult," and SubGenius members (and SubGenius memes) have been among the ranks of "Anonymous" since its war against Scientology began.

Detailed information about X-Day can be found on the World Wide Web at the X-Day Web site:


The official home page of the Church of the SubGenius can be found at:


Reverend Mary Magdalen's custody case:


Message to Anonymous from the Church of the SubGenius:


Photographers, entertainers, production companies, radio broadcasters, and all media producers are encouraged to contact the Church at its Cleveland, Ohio headquarters at 1-216-320-9528.
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You know him, you love him... [16 Jan 2009|05:05pm]


Beth and Henry welcome Jeff Wamsley, author and director of the Mothman Museum, TONIGHT on The Paranormal View. Tune in from 10 PM to Midnight EST for a spooky good time!

Para-X Radio is powered by CBS - All Paranormal All The Time
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Stang Goes Pop [02 Dec 2008|08:50pm]

[ mood | festive ]

Santa's Laughter Mocks the Poor the video, Ft Ivan Stang!

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[17 Nov 2008|10:46am]

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