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Streaming Tonight.... Of interest to Subgeniuses

This Week's Show - Thursday, Oct. 22nd, 10PM EST!

The 20th Anniversary 'Helter Stupid' Special

Featuring the Ultimate overview of Negativland's "Helter Stupid" including 'Christianity is Stupid', the original, entire cd (released in 1989), and the "Over the Edge" show 'Helter Stupid' and clips from the 'Helter Stupid 2' show, which was also on Over the Edge.

4+ Hour Special

This show will be on Thursday, October 22nd, 2009
(From 10pm - 1am EST)

Click the green "Listen Live!" button below DURING THE SCHEDULED SHOWTIMES ONLY or else it won't work.

Plundercast is now simulcasting in the Second Life virtual environment. You can hang inworld and listen to the show.
More information on Second Life is available here. To join us, simply navigate your avatar to the Sensory Research Virtual Node 1.

For the Sunday Night show we are simulcast on
DFM in Amsterdam! There are lower baud listen links there!

Also, you can join us via
IRC, in the #plundercast room on the irc.sensoryresearch.net server!

Or follow us on twitter for annotation at www.twitter.com/plundercast

NSFW !!!! (May be disturbing to some listeners, delightful to others)

Links below will only work during showtimes!

Alternate Listening Link


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