just john (justjohn) wrote in subgenii,
just john

His Inadvertent Neologism

It probably won't surprise you to hear that my opinion of Glenn Beck is pretty low. It's not that he isn't an effective performer, it's the way his performance is used and associated with "news."

So it was schadenfreude all around when I heard his show The Christmas Sweater has not been doing well.

A few minutes ago, it hit me: What if that title doesn't refer to an item of clothing? I went and checked, and evidently it does.

But the seed had been planted: The title could be about somebody suffering from Christmas Sweat. What a perfect term for what the holiday has become! We're to the point where the retailers are in such desperation, they name the "shopping day" after Thanksgiving with a term that had previously been reserved for disasters.

Christmas Sweat: We're soaking in it!
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